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According to a new Survation poll, 38% of British gamblers who class themselves as “frequent bettors” said that they were betting more during the pandemic. This isn’t surprising news, but 32% of other respondents say they gamble less. So, what does this mean for other gamblers, and what are governments going to do?

Reportedly, politicians in the UK are already calling for a £50 ($62) cap on spending during the global crisis. Of course, the UK Gambling Commission has been considering the proposal since February and will need to go through proper channels. Still, it wouldn’t be the first to introduce stricter gambling requirements.

In recent weeks, Sweden, Portugal, and Belgium introduced similar caps to prevent “people gambling more than they can afford to lose” as Matt Gaskell says. Gaskell is the clinical director of the UK’s NHS gambling disorder clinics.

Gambling Survation Poll Results

Survation Poll Statistics

Only 1000 people took part in the Survation poll, but their answers show some interesting statistics. These respondents classified themselves into groups, with regular gamblers making up more than a third of the group. Here’s how they answered:

  1. “Frequent gamblers” claim that they are gambling more frequently. This group usually wagers once a week.
  2. However, 34% of this group claims that they are betting less often, too.
  3. In the other groups, 32% of people said that their habits hadn’t changed.
  4. While another 34% claimed to be gambling less than before.

When combined, these Survation poll stats support claims made by the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC). They claim that there’s been a drop in gambling since the crisis started. Of course, anti-gambling campaigners are still upset, so the government’s response will be interesting.

Potential Safeguards for Vulnerable Groups

As the world braces for more deaths, officials are pushing to protect “vulnerable customers” from overspending. Since the closure of betting shops and other gambling venues, online avenues are profiting. Except for sportsbooks, but there aren’t many sports left to bet on.

With online casinos still open, the Survation poll revealed that 41% of the respondents had opened a new account during the lockdown. Of course, this isn’t a green light, but it means that casino operators are going to stay open.

In the US, there are only a handful of states that allow online gambling, but they’re also reporting record figures. As states slowly open up, there’s hope that the taxes will boost communities.

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