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Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, Dr. Tony Alamo, has handed in his resignation, which will be effective as of April 17. The physician has chosen to focus his attention on the COVID-19 pandemic. Alamo’s third term in commission comes to an end on April 27, and he will not pursue a fourth run. On Tuesday, Dr. Tony Alamo revealed his official resignation in a letter to Gov. Steve Sisolak

Tony Alamo Tenure

The Nevada Gaming Commission chairman was part of a five member board for 12 years. In his announcement Alamo said although he intended to fulfill the last 20 days of his term, the current COVID-19 crisis requires that he devotes his time and attention to his other role as Chief Medical Director of OPTUMCare Nevada. OPTUMCare is the largest health system in Nevada. The resignation comes a few weeks before the end of Alamos term. In his resignation letter to Sisolak, Alamo said he would remain the gaming industry’s biggest advocate. Alamo also said he “looks forward to seeing Nevada and its citizens overcoming all the challenges currently before us.”

Nevada Gaming Commission Chairman Resigns


Nevada Gaming Commission Chairman Replacement

The next Nevada Gaming Commission chairman will be selected by Sisolak. It is still unclear when the appointment will be effective. The commission was to meet on April 20. Alamo said the governor, probably has someone in mind. In his announcement, Alamo mentioned that he intended to give Sisolak enough time to bring someone on board. He will also be willing to help the next chairman transition into the position over the next ten days. On April 8, Sisolak tweeted that he is very thankful for Dr. Tony Alamo’s 12 years of service on the Neveda Gaming Commission. He also said that he is fully in support of Alamo’s commitment to responding to the #COVID19 crisis.

Where to From Here?

While many wonder who will be brought on board, the Nevada gaming commission has four remaining commissioners, Steven Cohen, Deborah Fuetsch, John Moran, and Rosa Solis-Rainey. Looking back at Alamo’s reign, he served under four governors, Brian Sandoval, Jim Gibbons, Kenny Guinn, and Steve Sisolak. Before serving 12 years in the NGC, Alamo was a part of Nevada’s Athletic Commission for seven years. Alamo was formerly chief of staff for Sunrise Hospital.