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Atlantic City Weathered Pandemic Storm: Casino Losses & Industry Bounced Back

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The COVID-19 pandemic hit Atlantic City’s casinos hard, causing temporary closures and significant financial losses. In early 2020, with casinos shut down since March, the city was estimated to be losing a staggering $540 million per month. This period painted a bleak picture for the industry, raising concerns about its ability to recover.

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Losses and Layoffs

Casinos experienced unprecedented hardships, with revenue from in-person gambling declining by nearly 50%.

Thousands of employees were laid off, adding to the already high national unemployment rate.

Industry Resilience

Despite the immense challenges, Atlantic City’s casinos demonstrated resilience. As restrictions eased and the economy gradually reopened, the industry began to show signs of recovery. By 2021, Atlantic City Casino’s earnings surpassed pre-pandemic levels, indicating a strong comeback.

Current Landscape

Today, Atlantic City’s casinos are operational, although some may still face the lingering effects of the pandemic.

While challenges remain, the industry has navigated a difficult period and continues to contribute to the city’s economy.

Improvements and Opportunities

The pandemic also spurred positive changes, like the expansion of online gambling and the offering of new revenue streams for casinos.

Investments in revitalization projects aim to enhance Atlantic City’s appeal as a tourist destination, potentially further stabilizing the industry.

Looking Ahead

While the pandemic delivered a heavy blow to Atlantic City’s casinos, their remarkable recovery demonstrates the industry’s resilience. Going forward, continued adaptation and embracing new opportunities will be key to securing the long-term success of Atlantic City’s gambling establishments.

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