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Dave | January 7, 2023 | Updated on: May 9th, 2024

Play Double Ball Roulette online for real money at top gambling sites. Double Ball Roulette is an exciting new version of Roulette that debuted in 2013. For players who love Roulette, but are looking for something a little different, then Double Ball Roulette might be just what you’re looking for.

Best Double Ball Roulette Games 2024

We will take you through everything that makes this game unique and special compared to the standard versions we all know. We will show you how the payouts change and the betting strategies, rules, and more. Let’s find out everything there is to know about Double Ball Roulette!

Top Double Ball Roulette Casinos

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Double Ball Roulette Game Overview

The basic premise of the game is given away by the name. Instead of betting on where the ball will land in Roulette, the game introduces a second ball. When played at a land-based casino, a special device uses compressed air to introduce the balls into the wheel at set time intervals. This ensures the balls will never bump into each other and gives two individual results for each spin.

This second ball allows for additional types of wagers, as well as the traditional bets. Some traditional bets only require one ball to win, while others need both balls to land in the right place. One of the biggest differences is the Double Ball Jackpot. We will go into more detail on this later. For now, just know it offers a 1200:1 payout at land-based casinos, and 1300:1 online.

Rules of Double Ball Roulette

The rules of Double Ball Roulette are essentially the same as normal Roulette. If you have never played Roulette, be sure to check out our main Online Roulette page to learn the basics. Essentially, you are betting on where you think the ball will stop spinning on the wheel.

Double Ball Roulette Wheel

As for the Roulette wheel itself in Double Ball Roulette, when playing at a land-based casino, the game uses the same wheel as American Roulette. This means there are 36 compartments numbered from 1-36, colored in red or black. In addition to this, there are two green compartments, 0 and 00. Unless you have specifically wagered on 0 or 00, the ball landing on these green compartments is a loss for all other bets. However, if you play Double Ball Roulette at an online casino, it typically uses the European Roulette wheel. This wheel is identical to the American Roulette Wheel, except it has a single green 0 compartment. There is no green 00.

Betting Options in Double Ball Roulette

For the most part, the bets on offer in Double Ball Roulette are identical to those in the other main versions of the game. The table is divided into the same 3×12 grid, with numbers from 1 to 36.

Players can place Inside bets, like betting on a single number or small combinations of numbers. Alternatively, they can place outside bets, consisting of larger groups of numbers, like Red or Black, Odds or Evens, or column bets.

When it comes to winning Outside bets, things are slightly different in Double Ball Roulette. In order to win an Outside Bet, both balls need to land on a winning number. For example, if you bet on Red, both balls need to land on a Red number to win. As for Inside bets, only one ball is required to win an Inside bet. However, you will receive a larger payout if both balls win your Inside bet.

This makes Double Ball Roulette quite interesting in that it lessens the odds of winning Outside Bets but your odds of winning Inside Bets are relatively unchanged compared to American Roulette.

Real Money Double Ball Roulette Games

Double Ball Roulette Payouts

Now it’s time to look through the payouts offered by Double Ball Roulette. We have broken this down into Inside Bets and Outside bets, including any payout variations from winning one or two balls.

Outside Bet Payouts

Bet 1 Ball Payout 2 Ball Payout
Red/Black N/A 3:1
Odd/Even N/A 3:1
1-18 N/A 3:1
19-36 N/A 3:1
First Dozen N/A 8:1
Second Dozen N/A 8:1
Third Dozen N/A 8:1
1 Red + 1 Black N/A 1:1


Inside Bet Payouts

Bet 1 Ball Payout 2 Ball Payout
Single Number 17:1 34:1
Two Numbers (Split) 8:1 16:1
Three Numbers (Line) 5:1 10:1
Four Numbers (Corner Bet) 3:1 6:1
Five Numbers (1st Five) 5:2 5:1
Six Numbers 2:1 4:1
Double Ball Jackpot N/A 1200:1 (1300:1 online)


Double Ball Jackpot

The biggest attraction of Double Ball Roulette is definitely the Double Ball Jackpot. In order to win this jackpot, both balls need to land on the same number. The payout is 1200:1 at a land-based casino, or 1300:1 when playing online. This is definitely a longshot bet, but it is an exciting wager with the promise of a massive jackpot.

Double Ball Jackpot Strategy & House Edge

The first thing we need to remind our readers is that Roulette is a game of luck. Whether you’re playing traditional Roulette versions with just one ball, or Two Ball Roulette, there is no skill involved. All a player can do is place their bet and hope for the best. There are no strategies that can improve your odds of winning. However, there are some smart bets to be made that offer decent enough odds and respectable payouts when you win. We’ve broken these down into Inside and Outside bets once again.

Outside Bets and House Edge

Bet Payout House Edge
Red 3:1 10.24%
Black 3:1 10.24%
Odd 3:1 10.24%
Even 3:1 10.24%
1-18 3:1 10.24%
19-36 3:1 10.24%
1-12 8:1 10.24%
13-24 8:1 10.24%
25-36 8:1 10.24%
First Column 8:1 10.24%
Second Column 8:1 10.24%
Third Column 8:1 10.24%
1 Red + 1 Black 1:1 10.24%
Double Ball Jackpot 1200:1 (1300:1 Online) 16.82%


As you can see in the table above, all Outside Bets have a 10.24% House Edge. This is extremely high and will result in players losing money quickly. The smart bet is to avoid Outside Bets at all costs. The House Edge jumps to 16.82% on the Double Ball Jackpot. While this bet is good to make every once in a while, for the thrill of potentially winning a massive jackpot, we don’t recommend placing it more than once or twice in a session.

Inside Bets and House Edge

Bet House Edge
Single Number 5.33%
Two Numbers 5.54%
Three Numbers 5.88%
Four Numbers 16.89%
Five Numbers 9.62%
Six Numbers 7.75%


Compared to normal American Roulette, the house edge of placing a Single or Two Number Bet is almost identical.

Best Wagers in Double Ball Roulette

Looking at the House Edges on offer, it can be difficult to know the best possible bets to make. Betting on Three numbers, a line bet, also offers an acceptable House Edge. So, if you want to place the best possible wagers, it is recommended to only place Single Number Bets, Two Number Bets (Split), or Three Number Bets (Line).

When all is said and done, Double Ball Roulette offers worse odds in general than other forms of Roulette. We still recommend sticking to European Roulette, but Double Ball Roulette can offer a unique experience. Just don’t go in expecting to walk away a winner.