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Nevada Gambling Officials Rule to Reopen Casino Floors

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The gaming commission in Nevada has given the green light to open casino floors to gamblers in the region. There were strict rules to close the doors amid the Coronavirus and refrain from offering gambling services to the public. This was after the lockdown was instituted to prevent the spread of the pandemic. There will be guidelines to follow, with a series of rules and regulations that make sure a safe gaming environment is a top priority.

There has been a lot made out of the formal requests by casino workers. They are hoping the temperature of guests would be checked upon entry. According to reports, the workers, who are part of the Culinary Union also called for the commission to release the plans for reopening their doors publicly.

nevada gaming officials rule to reopen casino floors

Life After Lockdown for Nevada Casino Floors

America is one of the worst-hit countries by COVID-19. As such, the interaction on the casino floor would need to change to protect everyone involved. Some of the measures that will be put in place include:

  • limiting the number of customers on the casino floor and table at a specific time.
  • keeping the space between gamblers well separated from one other.
  • All of the casino apparatus (dice and cards) need to be disinfected regularly.

Once the state’s casinos are allowed to reopen, you might still see people wearing masks and gloves due to the heightened anxiety of contracting the virus.

Advocates of Maintaining Lockdown Raise their Concerns

Not everyone is happy about the news. Numerous stakeholders from the public have provided commentary on the matter. Some of the contestations were borne from the concern that the risk of gambling addiction was high due to the holdout that they experienced. Other spectators suggested that casinos could take the opportunity of limiting or even banning smoking after the reopening. Smoking is an oral activity. Wearing protective face masks would be futile as smokers have to lower the mask to continue to smoke in the casinos.

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