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Illinois Gambling Board USThe Illinois Gambling Board has adopted a new set of ethics rules that are meant to strengthen current ethical standards. The new rules come as the board is in the process of developing six new land-based casinos in Chicago. Potential operators wishing to apply for the new licenses will have to submit an ethical disclosure document. The Illinois Gambling Board is set to begin the process of selecting the license holders for the new casinos soon. The new rules will take some time to be implemented while others will come into effect immediately.

The list of new rules has come into law as provisioned by the Illinois Gambling Board’s emergency rulemaking authority. This provision allows for rules to be adopted without having to go through a process of public consultations. The rules are implemented for a period of 150 days. Once this is done, the board would have to go through the documented process to get the rules permanently implemented.

According to the board administrator, Marcus Fruchter, the purpose of the newly implemented rules is to ensure that there is transparency in the selection process of the new casino licenses under the gambling act of Illinois.

Details of the new Illinois Gambling Board Rules

The newly implemented ethics rules will require potential casino operators to disclose any kind of violation of laws and ethics that they may have committed. This rule extends to agents involved in negotiating the licenses as well as employees. In alignment with the new rules, a casino applicant can be defined as an individual that has expressed interest in getting a casino license. Even if that individual has not yet submitted such a request to the Illinois Gambling Board. These are just some of the additions made the board.

The new rules listed by the Illinois Gambling Board are meant to further ensure that safeguarding of current ethical standards.

Illinois Gambling Board USA

Stamps of Approval from IGB Members

Board Administrator, Marcus Fruchter, further stated that the decision to introduce expansion laws was propelled by the need to expand the gaming market in Illinois. He stated that the expansion will be done in an ethical as well as an expeditious way. Keep visiting for updates on this story and more sports betting news.

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