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NFL TV Contracts to Increase Thanks to Sports Betting Says Dallas Cowboys Owner

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The number of NFL TV contracts that US television networks will be signing are going to increase by 50%. This, according to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, is due to the legalization and growth of sports betting in the United States. “Betting and wagering has been an integral part of the NFL for a long time,” Jones said to Yahoo Finance this week. “My town versus your town. It’s always been a benefit to the viewership”.

Expanded legalized sports betting, the Texas billionaire said, will keep people watching longer and more frequently to see if their team wins. He thinks that NFL TV contracts will increase by 50%. “Gaming is going to make a big difference, and increase the value of television presenting our games. I dare say it will go up 50 percent because of the gaming concentration,” Jones said.


Sports betting has now been legalized in 13 states in less than 16 months after the US Supreme Court lifted the ban on betting on sports. Four of those 13 state have NFL Stadiums: New York, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

NFL TV Contracts to Increase

NFL TV Contracts Still Booming

TV ratings for the NFL have seen moderate increases in 2018. This is after ratings experienced a two-year decline. The reduction in NFL TV contracts and viewership is blamed on the subsequent political discord over kneeling protests during the national anthem. However, Jones believes that the NFL is doing fine and that interest is as high as ever.

“This is the best I’ve ever seen it,” he said. “All television as had a diminished viewership. The NFL has disproportionally not had that kind of drop off. Our television is actually stronger than it has ever been. That will serve us well when we’re renegotiating our agreements with all the networks.”

The Dallas Cowboys are the first NFL team to get an official casino sponsor deal. This comes after the football league loosened its restrictions on these kinds of partnerships. They are in partnership with Oklahoma’s WinStar World Casino Resort.

In a new study by the American Gaming Association (AGA) finds that around 15% of US adults will place some kind of bet on an NFL game this season. Furthermore, the study predicts that 6.9 million Americans will make a legal bet on a game, a 1.2 million increase from last year.

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2024 Latest News: NFL Commissioner Reminds Personnel: No Betting During Super Bowl Week in Las Vegas

NFL Commissioner Reminds Personnel No Betting

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has issued a reminder to all league personnel regarding the prohibition of sports betting during Super Bowl week in Las Vegas. The memo emphasizes the importance of upholding the integrity of the game and avoiding any appearance of impropriety. While the NFL acknowledges the increasing popularity of sports gambling, strict rules are in place to prevent team officials and employees from participating in betting activities. Violations of these rules can result in severe consequences, including suspensions. The league’s memo outlines specific guidelines for different categories of personnel, including players, and emphasizes the prohibition of sharing insider information.