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California Cardrooms Set for New Regulation

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The California cardrooms patrons will soon have to get used to new rules if the California Bureau of Gambling Control (BGC) get their way. There are suggested changes that will alter the player-banker role if enacted. The current rulers for the table card game allow players to void their turn if they do not want the role of banker. The banker role is designed to rotate among the player and dealer every 60 minutes of the game. Players can only decline or suspend the duties of a banker for two minutes.

The BGC has been holding hearings for a year to discuss making changes to table games in California that would be rolled out to 72 cardrooms. The change will apply on the role that used to be reserved for the house dealer that pays out winnings and collects losses of the players taking part in the game.

California Cardrooms Set for New Regulation

Why Pass on Being a Banker

It should be noted that there has been backlash to the proposed changes. If the gaming commission gets its way, US players would have to take on the banking role, that would alternate between players every two rounds. If players refuse the role of banker, that would automatically put the game to an end and thus players would have to leave the table altogether. The design of the role mandates that the filler of the position collects losing chips along with paying players that won.

It suggested that the new rule would burden the player with responsibilities that they would rather not have. Casino players seek to gamble for leisure, and the additional task would put them off the game. Most of the casinos in California don’t offer slot machines games, which limits the player’s options.

California Gaming Association Against California Cardrooms New Rule

The California Gaming Association (CGA) was one of the more vocal critics against the proposed rules. The gambling entity went as far as stating that they were appalled by the proposed regulations. They left a comment on Casino.org. stating that “the Bureau’s proposal exceeds its statutory authority.” We wait to see if the proposal will be enforced, till then, check out some of the online casino sites you can visit in the USA from our recommended list.

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