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Danville Requests Casino Development Proposals

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Casino development proposals have now been requested from potential casino developers. The lawmakers and voters in the city have not yet approved gaming. Businesses and casino developers that are interested in developing gambling facilities in Danville have until 13 January 2020 to submit their casino development proposals.

If the state of Virginia approves gaming, then Danville will be one of five cities in the state that will have a casino. Virginia lawmakers have already approved of the gaming Bill in the state. But there is a clause in the legislation that requires them to reconvene in 2020 for re-enactment. When the Virginia lawmakers meet in 2020 to discuss the gaming bill, many expect that the focus will mainly fall on the tax rate that will be applied to casino profits. If the lawmakers approve the re-enactment bill, then Danville officials will have to hold a referendum in the city to ask voters if they want a casino or not. The referendum will also take place in 2020.

Danville Casino Development Proposals

Danville Manager Thinks Casino Development Proposals Will Help Decision-making Process

Ken Larking, the manager of Danville, told the media that the casino development proposals would help Danville officials to decide on methods of implementing casino gaming in the city. The process will also help the public vote more accurately on whether they want a casino in the town or not.

Amid the launch of the casino development proposals process, the Danville City Council has not officially taken a position on whether Danville should have a gaming venue or not. Other cities in Virginia that have the opportunity of opening gambling facilities include Bristol, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Richmond.

Danville Hires Consultant for Casino Development Proposals Process  

Danville has hired a consultant to analyze the potential for either a casino or a Historical Horse racing venue in the city. The Convergence Strategy Group, from New Orleans, has already made suggestions to Danville officials about the potential of both gambling facilities. If gambling is allowed in the state could mean the creation of 2,400 jobs.

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