Ex-Wynn Resorts Manicurist Begins Gender-Discrimination Lawsuit

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A former nail manicurist who worked at Wynn Las Vegas has filed a complaint with the courts. In this complaint, he alleges that he was fired from his job at the casino resort last year, simply because he was a man. Wynn Resorts has had a lot of negative press lately, and this new lawsuit is the last thing the casino company needs.

Male manicurist accuses Wynn resorts of gender discrimination

A former manicurist who worked for Wynn Las Vegas has accused the company of firing him, simply because of his gender.

Manicurist Claims he was Fired Because He’s a Man

The manicurist in question, Vincent Fried, has made claims that he was regularly subjected to unfair treatment from his supervisors, who were all women. This included a difference in the customers he was given and unfair treatment. Fried has also highlighted the incident that lead up to his dismissal in July 2017.

Fried alleges that he was working with a customer, who was drinking an alcoholic beverage. When he learned that the customer was underage, he removed the drink. However, another staff member later provided the underage customer with another drink. According to Fried, he was then suspended and fired, while the female manicurist who provided the alcohol was not disciplined at all.

Female-Dominated Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are around 126 000 manicurists in the United States. The number is only expected to get bigger in the coming years. As you’d expect, this is a female-dominated industry, and only around 3% of manicurists are male. Fried has also stated that he routinely was subjected to gender-discrimination from co-workers. One example he gave was a supervisor suggesting he do something with cooking, because he was working in a female-dominated environment.

There has been no comment from Wynn Resorts at this time. The company is still dealing with the fallout from the sexual misconduct allegations made against its founder and former CEO, Steve Wynn. Poor press is definitely not what Wynn Resorts needs right now.