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Which Sport is the Easiest to Bet On?

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Placing wagers on easy sports is the safest option, and comes highly recommended for new bettors. But, there are many sporting events, so how do you differentiate the easy sports from the more complex ones?

In this guide we’ll list some of the easy sports betting options available to you. We’ll also talk you through aspects of the game that’s important to know before placing a bet. We also briefly discuss how to place a bet on each sporting option for those new to sports betting.

Betting on Easy Sports

In the world of sports betting, it pays to be a fan. There are some great financial opportunities in sports betting if you make the right bets and predictions. However, its not always that simple, as some games are more complicated than others. Because of this, bettors tend to go for easy sports where payouts are more likely.

Easy Sports Betting

Top 3 Easiest Sport to Predict

We have lined up our top picks for easy sports to bet on. They appear in order of easiest to least easy. Number 1 may come as no surprise.

  1. Soccer/Football

In some countries, the game is referred to as soccer, while others call it football, same difference though. Soccer is said to have about 3.5 billion followers worldwide which makes it the most-watched sporting event in the world. It’s also a fairly simple game which is why many choose to place wagers on soccer. The payouts on soccer bets aren’t as high as in other sports, but the odds of winning are much higher here compared to other sports.

All you really need to predict correctly is good knowledge of the different teams within a league, and analytical skills to assess the odds of each team winning.

  1. Tennis

Tennis is another example of an easy sport to bet on. The game is easy to follow and the rules are clear cut. What makes payouts even more likely in this sport is the fact that tournaments are dominated by certain players like Serena Williams, Rodger Federer, Raphael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Betting on any of these players is more likely to rake in a win, then betting on their opponents or one of the less known players in the tournament.

  1. Boxing

Boxing is one of those easy sports events where you either love it or you don’t. And, surprisingly, many people do. Boxing involves only two people and there are basically only three betting options. You can either bet on the fighter in the red corner, bet on the fighter in the blue corner, or bet on a draw between the two fighters.

Best Sport to Bet on and Win

If easy sports betting is something you want to dedicate more of your time to then we suggest you pick one of two options. You can either bet randomly on different easy sports events and hope for the best while relying on luck. Or, you can pick a sport event to specialize in. By specializing we mean learning all there is to know about the sport and betting from a strategic angle, as opposed to relaying on luck for each bet you make. This way you maximize your chances of actually winning something.

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