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What is the Easiest Casino Game to Play?

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Blackjack is considered to be the easiest casino game to play. The game is easy to follow and offers the lowest house edge out of all gambling games. It is also known as the easiest casino game to win as well.

Blackjack is considered the easiest casino game to play because it ticks the following boxes:

  • It has easy to understand rules
  • Many players enjoy playing the game
  • It easily accommodates new players
  • Blackjack has a low house edge
  • It is popular amongst players

Easiest Casino Game to Play

More About Blackjack

The objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer without going over 21. It has a low house edge of 1.5% when a single deck of cards is used. Even though the game is based on luck, you can use strategies to improve your odds.

Other Easiest Casino Games to Play

Blackjack is not the only easy casino game. There are other games that you are simple to follow, including:


Baccarat is another casino game that has a house edge of 1.5%. It only gives you three standard betting options: the player, banker, or a tie. However, avoid the tie bet and bet on the banker more often because the banker’s hand has the highest chance of winning.


When you play European roulette, you get a house edge of 2.5%. Bets such as black or red, even or odd, and hi-lo have a much higher chance of winning, but the payouts are low. The game is also easy to play. All you do is bet on where the ball will land in the roulette wheel.

Video Poker

Video poker games are simple to play and offer a high chance of winning. What’s more, the return to player percentage can even go over 100%. The game also has a good house edge that gets as low as 0.5%.

It is played similar to five-card poker where you discard the cards you don’t need to build a winning hand.

Casino War

This casino game has a house edge of 2.87% and is also the easiest casino game to play. It is also straightforward because the dealer gives out two cards. One for the dealer and the other for you; whoever has the higher card wins. If there is a tie, you will go to war to find the ultimate winner.