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When you ask Google about the best keno bet, you’ll find that more guides rely on the most drawn numbers. While this rationale is not faulty, it doesn’t guarantee a win in keno. There are other ways that you can use to choose your winning numbers in keno.

In most cases, experienced keno players tend to place numbers into several categories. The most drawn category is just one of them. Read our guide to learn more about the different categories and how to find the best keno bet.

Best Keno Bet

Categories to Find the Best Keno Bet

1.      Numbers that are Most Drawn in Keno

The keno category is the easiest because many keno players believe the most drawn numbers hit the most. While there may be some truth, you might find that it’s sometimes inaccurate. There is no foolproof method to predict keno numbers. Plus, the game is quite balanced, which means all 80 numbers have an equal chance of hitting.

All the numbers have a 25% chance of hitting. That said, the most drawn numbers in keno are 3, 12, 27, 35 and 50. But the data is ever-changing, and the numbers might also change.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. The perk of using this method is that you have a good chance of winning. Plus, you may get great results. However, the drawbacks of this method are that the frequencies and the percentages are not stable.

2.      Choosing Consecutive Numbers in Keno

The consecutive numbers bet there is another method you can use when playing real money keno. However, the chances of all consecutive numbers hitting in a keno bet are quite slim. But you’ll have the chance to cover a section of the keno ticket.

So, in this case, some numbers are bound to catch. However, the strategy needs to be properly tested for efficiency. The pro of using this strategy is that you can catch some numbers by covering a ticket section. However, this method had not been tested, so you’d be using it without knowing its disadvantages.

3.      Cold Numbers in Keno

Betting on cold numbers is the reverse strategy to numbers that are drawn the most strategy. However, this method does not guarantee a win, just like its counterpart. But this strategy is most popular with players who have tested other strategies.

The cold numbers bet in keno relies heavily on the gambler’s fallacy, like the most drawn numbers method. The benefit of this strategy is that It’s a fun way to get numbers that catch. But this strategy is not reliable.

4.     Lucky Numbers in Keno Bets

Some players believe that choosing their lucky numbers is the best keno bet. Many players use the same numbers on various tickets hoping for a massive win. This strategy may not be foolproof because it doesn’t rely on scientific data.

The advantage of using this strategy is that you get to play your favorite numbers. But the disadvantage is that you won’t have variation because you’re repeating numbers.

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