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The host for the 2026 FIFA World Cup is yet to be announced, with the announcement thought to be happening in mid-June. Currently, it is thought that the joint bid from the USA, Mexico, and Canada is the favorite for the 2026 Soccer World Cup. However, a recent report has come out of ESPN, and this report is suggesting otherwise.

odds of USA 2026 FIFA World Cup Worsen

The odds of the USA getting to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup, along with Canada and Mexico, have apparently gotten worse. This is according to an ESPN report, citing Trump as a worry for FIFA.

Trump a Concern for FIFA World Cup

The report comes from Sam Borden, who is the senior writer that is tasked with covering global sports for the sports network. According to his report, several of his sources had indicated that opposition to President Donal Trump is making some in FIFA less excited about the joint bid. The only other official proposal to host the 2026 World Cup comes from Morocco.

The bid from Mexico, Canada, and the United States is presumably still the favorite. These three countries have a combined population of nearly 500 million, while Morocco has just 33 million. The three countries also have significantly better infrastructure and resources to host the event.  However, President Trump is a very controversial figure overseas.

FIFA World Cup Popularity Growing in USA

While Trump will not be president in 2026, the sources Borden spoke to suggested that some of the FIFA officials who will vote on who hosts the 2026 World Cup have been angered by some of the Trump administration’s actions. These have included the travel bans, comments that perpetuate stereotypes, and the profanity Trump has used when describing less-developed countries.

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