What Are the Best Online Slots to Play?

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Here is a list of the top 5 slots online that you can find at highly-rated gambling sites

  1. Double Bubble Slots
  2. Monopoly Slot
  3. Cleopatra Slot
  4. Gonzo’s Quest
  5. Zuma Slots

We will discuss in detail below what features all these slot games have. Additionally, we are going to tell you how they can take advantage of all the different symbols and bonuses of these top 5 slots online. Interestingly, these games became popular because they were easy to play, and many players enjoyed the winning potential they provided.

Top 5 Slots Online

Find a detailed list of the best-rated slot machine games.

1.      Double Bubble Slots

The Double Bubble Slot game is a 5-reel slot machine with 20 pay lines. Luckily, as a player you can play all 20 pay lines, you don’t have any limitations. So, the max payout for this slot game that is in the top 5 slots online list is 30,000 times your bet.  Amazingly, you will find symbols like bubbles that appear in the Bubble Bonus game. So, the RTP for this slot game stands between 95% and 96%.

Top 5 Slots Online

2.      Monopoly Slot

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world. So, it makes sense that it would be fashioned into a slot game. As a result of the popularity of the board game, the slot has been highly rated too. So, many players enjoy playing the game, especially due to the bonus games that the game comes with.

Interestingly, you will find a feature that allows you to spin until you win. Fortunately, the game has bonus games with 2x multipliers. The RTP of the game is 95%.

3.      Cleopatra Slot

This game has a 5 reel slot game with 20 pay lines. As a matter of fact, the game was developed by IGT. In addition, the game allows players to take a little trip to the river Nile and play games in the center of Egypt. In detail, the game is filled with lots of mystery that you will have to solve for yourself. What’s more, you can win 180 free spins from the game. Additionally, players can trigger Sphinx symbols that can allow you to win 100 times the original wager.

4.      Gonzo’s Quest

Playing Gonzo’s Quest with real money helps you boost your winning potential. So, a player you will find symbols that are themed after the Mayan culture. As a matter of fact, gold and blue symbols will offer you the most pay. Furthermore, the bonus games offer free spins and 5x multipliers.

5.      Zuma Slots

This slot game features 20 paylines and five reels that will allow players the ease and convenience of winning big when playing with real money. In detail, shooting the 4 Tiki bosses will see you win free spins. In fact, you can shoot the Tiki bosses again when your free spins are depleted, and you can trigger a multiplier symbol.


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