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Temperature Screenings Underway at Casinos

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Some casinos across the US have implemented screenings to check the temperature levels of all entrants to the casino. How these temperature screenings are conducted varies from casino to casino, and so does the quality of the device used.

Casinos across the country reopened on June 4, following several months of lockdown. The government made an urgent announcement earlier this year for all businesses to be shut because of the outbreak and rapid spread of COVID-19. The virus is a global pandemic, but the United States is one of the countries most affected in both cases and fatalities.

Temperature screenings

How Temperature Screenings are Conducted

There are two types of technology that casinos can use to screen customers- low tech and high-tech technology. The high-tech temperature screening device features thermal cameras and screens clients as they enter the casino premises. The low-tech version is used on casino staff. This is a handheld device pointed at the foreheads of staff.

Not all states are conducting temperature screenings this way, if at all. And the use of the ones who do is controlled by law. Some states enforce strict measures like temperature screenings, while others require customers to wear facial masks, and frequently wash or sanitize their hands. The extent of all measures taken also depends on the budget and size of the casino. Pennsylvania casinos are one example of businesses that haven’t taken these measures yet.

Consensus on Temperature Screenings

Some people question how ethical it is to screen people without their consent. But, this argument is overpowered by the counter-argument that screenings are mandatory. It’s also not a recent approach and is a health precaution. Temperature screenings using thermal cameras work similar to facial recognition technology at airports. It becomes mandatory or you will not enter.

Conducting temperature screenings helps health authorities collect data that they may use to fight the spread of the virus. Casinos ask that customers not be scared away by these measures. Having a high temperature does not mean that you have the virus, it’s just one symptom.

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