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The Vermont sports betting Bill was pre-filed by the State’s senators earlier this week. Should the sports betting bill be introduced as law, that would mean that mobile sports betting would be legal in the Green Mountain State. Senators, Richard Sears as well as Michael Sirotkin, told the media that the law that relates to sports wagering would make sure that there is a system that facilitates licensing and regulation for mobile sports betting.

It is quite surprising for many because Vermont is not a state that we known for gambling. It does not have any tribal or commercial facilities. The State does not even have any facilities for pari-mutuel gambling. In the USA, Vermont is unique when it comes to gaming because of the lack of gambling facilities. Other states that are found wanting in this area include Hawaii, South Carolina, Tennessee as well as Utah.

Vermont Sports Betting BIll

Vermont Sports Betting Bill Surprises Many

The State is not very known for sports betting. It does not even have any professional sports team. Not even college sports are present in Vermont. The University of Vermont, the most prominent college in the State, doesn’t have a football nor a basketball team.

Be that as it may, Vermont is a sanctuary to many people who are referred to as “low-landers.” These are people that move from New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey as well as Connecticut. All the states mentioned above are quite big on sports both on the professional and college level.

The proposed Vermont sports betting Bill would make sure that potential sportsbooks in the State pay $10,000 for a license. The Bill would also make sure that they are a levy of 10% on gross gaming revenue. If any sportsbooks make a loss in any given month, that loss would be used against tax payments in the future.

Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Included in Vermont Sports Betting Bill

The Vermont sports betting bill does not only ensure that mobile sports betting is legalized. It would also make sure that daily fantasy betting is even legalized. For this form of gambling, operators would have to pay $5,000, and profits would also be taxed at 10%.

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