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The Raiders stadium in Las Vegas is currently under construction, and the team behind it recently submitted their parking plan for the completed venue. If you plan on attending events held at the stadium once it is complete, we suggest wearing some comfortable shoes. The current plans aren’t exactly friendly to pedestrians.


Raiders Stadium Las Vegas Reveals Parking Plan

The Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas has revealed its first proposal for parking. Guests better wear comfortable shoes, as most parking will be quite far from the venue.


Parking Spread out Around Raiders Stadium

Clark County asked for a parking plan by September 2018. The county requested that the stadium provided parking for over 16 200 cars. This should be enough for a venue that can seat 65 000 people. The Raiders stadium already petitioned for a waiver to reduce the amount of parking required to be on the property. This was approved, and the number of parking spots was reduced by 85%. This means that there will only be around 2400 spots right by the stadium. These will likely be used for VIPs, employees, and the media.

So, what about the other 14 000 parking spots? Well, these will need to be located in the surrounding areas. According to the plan, there will be four separate parking areas for the stadium. However, none of these parking lots would be closer than 1.5 miles. The closest potential parking area would be at the Orleans Casino. This would have between 3700 and 4600 parking spots, but it is 1.9 miles from the Raiders Stadium.

Raiders Stadium plan Not Pedestrian Friendly

The remainder of the parking spots will provide between 1000 to 3600 spaces. The last proposed location is at the Silverton Casino, meaning it is 4.1 miles away from the stadium. In addition to this, the current proposal only provides around 14 00 parking spots, around 2000 less than required. Unfortunately, the current proposal doesn’t state how much parking could cost, but it did say that shuttle services would be available. We sure wouldn’t want to walk four miles. The shuttle trip is estimated to take between 5 and 15 minutes.

There was no mention of any connection to the monorail system either. The team behind the stadium are also very much aware of ride-sharing apps like Uber. While the parking planning does not bring these apps into the equation, experts are sure that they will actually reduce the need for parking at the stadium.