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The “Queen of Sorts”, also known as “Kelly” Cheung Yin Sun, has had her court case against Foxwoods casino thrown out by the US Supreme Court. Kelly went on a massive winning streak while playing mini Baccarat in 2012, along with Phil Ivey, a poker champion. The winning streak yielded well over $1 million, but the casino withheld her winnings due to cheating allegations.

“Queen of Sorts” loses court case against Foxwods

“Queen of Sorts” accused of cheating

Sun accused Foxwoods of withholding her winnings, valued at $1.14 million, and falsely accusing her, as well as two other women, of cheating. Sun, who has earned the nickname the “Queen of Sorts”, apparently has an impressive ability to notice tiny imperfections on the backs of playing cards. She was able to use this talent to go on a massive win streak while playing mini Baccarat.

It wasn’t just Foxwoods that she made her mark on. Sun has done it at several other casinos and there have been multiple lawsuits that have spawned from her gambling.

Sun wanted to sue Foxwoods

The latest court case, which was handled by the Supreme Court, saw Sun trying to appeal a decision by a US District Court. The previous ruling had made it clear that Sun could not sue the Foxwood Casino, which is owned by the Mashantucket Pequots tribe, as the owners of the casino have sovereign immunity as a Native American tribe.

Sun, and the other two women involved in the case, tried to argue that the casino employee that decided to withhold the winnings, was acting in an individual capacity, rather than that of a tribal one. The Supreme Court decided to uphold the original decision and rejected Sun’s case.

Sun fighting three lawsuits

This is not the only case that the “Queen of Sorts” has been involved with. She has actually been involved in three court cases with casinos, two as the plaintiff and the third as the defendant. So far, none of her cases have gone according to plan.

In one court case, Sun was sued by the Borgata as the casino tried to recover $9.6 million that she had won. The casino claimed fraud, however, the court rejected this claim. Sun wasn’t out of the woods yet though, as the court then ruled that Sun and her gambling partner had breached their contract with the casino and had to pay just over $10 million. They have decided to appeal the decision though.