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Is Michael Phelps faster than a Great White shark? This is not a question you expect to hear, but it is one that will be answered soon. The most decorated Olympic swimmer has recently been put in a race that is quite unusual for him. The race will see him take on one of the most dangerous predators in the ocean, the Great White Shark. As you’d expect people have decided to try and get in on the action and sportsbooks are taking wagers based on the outcome of the event.

Michael Phelps races Great White Shark

Phelps the Underdog

Typically, Phelps finds himself to be the favorite in most races he enters. However, this is not the case in the race against the Great White. Many of you are probably wondering why this race took place at all. It was filmed for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, which is set to begin this weekend.

Online sportsbooks are taking wagers on whether he will win the race or not. People placing bets on the race will have to wait until the 23rd of July, when the he episode ‘Phelps vs. Shark’ will air. Online sportsbooks are heavily favoring the shark, with odd being -550 on the shark and +325 on Phelps.

This means that a $100 bet on Phelps will return a $325 win, if he manages to beat the Great White. However, a $100 bet on the shark will only net the player an $18.21 win.

Phelps Race Promotes Shark Week

Phelps reportedly wore a rubber fin, which is supposed to help increase his speed and make the race more interesting. Phelps and the shark were timed swimming 100 meters, however, they were timed separately. The entire stunt is part of Discovery Channels build up to shark week, which has become very popular. This promotional stunt seems to have generated quite a bit of interest, especially if sportsbooks are getting involved. We look forward to seeing the outcome.