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Pac-Man is one of the most well-known video game characters throughout the world. Now, it looks like Pac-Man may soon be finding his way onto casino floors. This is thanks to a new deal that was signed between Bandai Namco, the Japanese company that owns the rights to Pac-Man, and Gamblit. Gamblit is one of the pioneers in the field of skill-based casino games.

Pac-Man coming to casinos with skill-based casino game

Pac-Man Gambling Game

The deal signed with Bandai Namco has allowed Gamblit to develop a real-money, skill-based casino game for Pac-Man. The game is called Pac-Man Battle Casino and will be shown off for the first time at the Global Gaming Expo. This expo will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from the 3rd to the 5th of October.

After the skill-based casino game makes its debut, it is expected to find its way onto casino gaming floors in early 2018. This will happen using Gamblit’s Model G Multiplayer platform. Casinos have long been trying to attract younger gamblers. For the most part, many younger people just haven’t seen all that interested in traditional casino games. Skill-based casino games, like this Pac-Man game, are believed to be the best way to attract younger gamblers.

Multi-player Pac-Man Arena

The Pac-Man Battle Casino game will see two to four players battle against each other for real-money cash winnings. The game is said to use a similar mathematical and financial model to slot games, although we don’t have more info on this at the moment. Unlike traditional casino games and slot machines, the new game is supposed to be more sociable and player skill will play a big role in determining the winner.

Many states had to actually change their gambling laws to allow for skill-based games.  These include both New Jersey and Nevada. The reason is that many laws stated that every player had to stand the exact same chance of winning, However, skill-based games give more-skilled players a better chance of winning.

While skill-based games are very new, Gamblit is making some bold claims. It has stated that its platform has a proven track record of lowering the average age of the gambler by 20 years in most areas it has been tried.

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