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Dave | January 3, 2023 | Updated on: January 8th, 2024

As one of the most popular poker games, Texas Hold’Em odds are extremely important to gameplay. So, what are the odds in Texas Hold’Em to win and get a high-ranking hand?

We’ll be looking at the chances of winning by taking a look at the possible hands you can be dealt in this poker game. And the odds of the moves you make during the game’s rounds.


Texas Hold’em Odds

Basic Odds in Texas Hold’Em

When you’re playing poker, you probably know all about the hand rankings and what you need to get a payout. For a winning hand, the odds are listed below, based on averages:

Hand Probability Odds
A-Ks (or any specific suited cards) 0.00302 331-1
A-A (or any specific pair) 0.00453 220-1
A-Ks, K-Qs, Q-Js, or J-10s (suited cards) 0.0121 81.9-1
A-K (or any specific non-pair, incl. suited) 0.0121 81.9-1
A-A, K-K, or Q-Q 0.0136 72.7-1
A-A, K-K, Q-Q, or J-J 0.0181 54.3-1
Suited cards, jack or better 0.0181 54.3-1
A-A, K-K, Q-Q, J-J, or 10-10 0.0226 43.2-1
Suited cards, 10 or better 0.0302 32.2-1
Suited connectors 0.0392 24.5-1
Connected cards, 10 or better 0.0483 19.7-1
Any two cards with a rank of at least queen 0.0498 19.1-1
Any pocket pair 0.0588 16-1
Any two cards with a rank of at least jack 0.0905 10.1-1
Any two cards with a rank of at least 10 0.143 5.98-1
Connected cards (cards of consecutive rank) 0.157 5.38-1
Any two cards with a rank of at least 9 0.208 3.81-1
Neither connected nor suited, at least one 2-9 0.534 0.873-1


Getting Specific Hands

In Texas Hold’Em, the two important rounds are the river and the flop after your starting hand. The odds of getting other cards at this stage have specific terms and statistics.

Premium Hands Odds In Texas Hold’em

Getting a high pocket pair or an ace to king hand is really exciting, but the odds are just 2.1%.


If one poker player has a pocket pair and another has two over-cards, this has odds of between 54% and 57%.

Suited Cards Odds In Texas Hold’em

Seeing two suited cards will tempt you to play 9-4, but the odds Are 2.5%, which isn’t great.

Pair Flops

There’s a 32.43% chance of making a pair during the flop, and the same odds apply to higher hole cards.

Flush Draw Odds In Texas Hold’em

The odds of getting a flush after the flop is 34.97%, so there’s a one in three chance here!

“Hitting the Board”

This is a way of revealing you’ve got a great hand without mentioning what it is, so your chances of hitting the board after the river are nearly 50%.

Up and Down Straight

This open-ended straight draw means that you have eight cards to complete your straight flush with a 31.5% probability.


When you need two specific cards to make a hand, your odds are 0.3%, though it’s 4.55% for one card.

Two Pair Flop

Getting two pairs after the flop has a 2% chance, which means you shouldn’t count on it at all.

Pocket Jacks

While two Jacks seems like a good idea, the chance of a higher card is 52% at the flop.

Odds In Texas Hold’em

Over Pair Odds In Texas Hold’em

When you have a higher pair than your opponent, your chances of winning are about 80%.

Suited Connectors

These are great to look at, but they’re vulnerable to higher pairs that will win 80% of the time.

Pocket Pairs

Your chances of hitting a set or pocket pair are 6%, so it’s better to hope for a different hand.

Gutshot (Inside Straight Draw)

You have a 9% chance of getting a straight or desired hand because getting four cards is rare.

Flush Flop Odds In Texas Hold’em

Flopping a flush in the flop is extremely rare at 0.8%, so it’s better to fold 80-90% of the time in Texas Hold’Em.

Full House

If you have a two pair, your odds of getting a full house is 16.74%, but a three-of-a-kind boosts your chances to 33.4%.

Calculating Odds in Texas Hold’Em

While there’s no way to improve your hand, you can use a poker odds calculator to figure out when to fold. After all, there’s no way a regular player can memorize all of the odds in Texas Hold’Em.

With a good calculator, you can start making money at the poker sites we list.

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