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Online Gambling Helps Penn State Lottery Make Record Profit

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pennsylvania-state-lottery Ever since Penn State Lottery made iLottery games available, profits have reached a record high. When online gambling laws were passed in 2017, Pennsylvania Lottery took advantage of the situation to introduce casino style lottery games. Sales have reached the billions in the last financial year. There was a marked growth from the previous year.

How did Penn’s State Lottery manage this even with the opposition they faced early on? Was it purely the introduction of iLottery games which boosted the profits of the lottery? Get answers to these questions as we unpack this story further. We have included the figures of sales, overall profits and which games brought in the most revenue.

Penn State Lottery’s Best Revenue Bringing Games

Pennsylvania lottery announced they had made almost US$5 Billion in sales over the year ending in June. This created a record-breaking profit of over US$1 billion which is double the profit which was made in 2017-18 financial year. The sales made in the recent year are 7.2% up from last year’s lotto sales. The previous highest profit record was in 2015-16 year, and this year’s profits surpassed that by US$20 million.

Penn State Lottery’s Best Revenue Bringing Games (1)


The new online gambling iLottery games include Keno and Xpress Sports iGames, which racked in around $10 million in profit and almost US$50 Million in revenue. In total, all the new products added to the Pennsylvania Lottery made over US$380 million in revenue and US$31.3 million in profit.

Scratch cards were the best performer at Penn State Lottery. Of the US$4.5 billion in sales generated, online scratch cards made up two-thirds. Other notable profits came from draw tickets, which went up 8.7%. Part of this improvement is due to the rise in interstate lottery draws like MegaMillions and Powerball.

Initial Opposition to Pennsylvania Lottery Online Gambling

Pennsylvania’s land-based brick and mortar casinos at first opposed the addition of iLottery games to the state lottery’s repertoire. The matter was taken to the courts and they subsequently lost the case. The casinos complained that the Lottery was infringing on the online slots market, which is reserved for casinos. Their argument was the iLottery games were too similar to online slots. The courts dismissed the case of the casinos.

2024 Latest News: Penn State Implements Lottery System for Student Football Season Tickets

Penn State Implements Lottery System for Student Football Season Tickets

Starting from the 2024 football season, Penn State Athletics is introducing a new lottery system for student season tickets, replacing the previous method based on class ranking. Under the new system, all students have an equal chance to secure tickets for the Nittany Lions’ seven home games. The process begins with graduate students and progresses down to freshmen, each having a designated week to request tickets through the Penn State Student Account Manager. Requests must be submitted between 8 a.m. on the first day and 5 p.m. on the last day of their assigned week. To participate, students need to provide credit card information, but they will only be charged the ticket cost of $246 if selected. The selection process is entirely random, and notification of ticket allocation or non-selection will be sent via email during the week of June 24. Additionally, students will receive an email outlining their selection window during the week of June 3, sent to their Penn State email address or the email address used during university application for incoming students.

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