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Dave | November 3, 2023 | Updated on: April 23rd, 2024

Yes, playing Blackjack online is legal if your state has regulated the casino game. What this means is that if the state you are living in has not banned Blackjack, you can play the game online at licensed casino sites.

Legal Status of Blackjack Online

Apart from the myth of Blackjack being illegal in the USA, there are no federal laws that prohibit you from playing 21 online. the biggest misinterpretation of the legality of Blackjack come from a clause in the UIGEA 2006. The clause simply states that businesses are prohibited from knowingly accepting payments that are outcomes of illicit online bets.

The 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) does not target blackjack players. in fact, none of the gambling laws in the US target players. thus, making it legal for you to play Blackjack online without any problems.

With that, you do however need to know if the state that you are living in or visiting allows online gambling. See, so far, no players have been arrested for playing Blackjack online. if there are no laws within your state that say Blackjack online is illegal, then the UIGEA cannot apply nor can you end up in trouble.

Is Blackjack Online Legal


Blackjack Online Legal States

It can get quite confusing trying to figure out if the state you are in has banned Blackjack online or not. In most cases states have no laws that specifically prohibit online gambling. Therefore, players question playing Blackjack online legal.

But there are three states that have passed laws that precisely allow online gambling thus allowing you to pay blackjack games online.

  • New Jersey
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania

States Where Online Blackjack Online is Illegal

There are nine states where web-based casinos are considered illegal. The laws target gambling establishments rather than players. Chances that you will be charged with playing online casino games in these states are pretty low. However, if you are to be charged with playing Blackjack online it will be considered a misdemeanour.

Apart from the nine states mentioned below, Vermont and Utah also do not allow Blackjack online or any kind of gambling at all.

  1. Indiana
  2. Oregon
  3. Illinois
  4. Louisiana
  5. Montana
  6. Washington
  7. Nevada
  8. South Dakota
  9. Wisconsin

Top Legal Blackjack Sites

Now that you know which states will not allow you to play Blackjack online, you can start looking into playing Blackjack legally. There are a number of casinos that offer Blackjack to US players. We have found the top casinos that have several blackjack games.


Betonline is a top casino site that offers players a number of blackjack variations. The casino site offers legal blackjack gambling as well as banking methods that are open to US players. There are over 5 different blackjack games that you can enjoy such as blackjack switch, pontoon, super 7 and double exposure. Also, there are popular titles such as American and European Blackjack as well as live dealer blackjack games.

El Royal

The fairly new web based casino, El Royal offers blackjack players a wide range of games. You can enjoy popular games such as pontoon, match play 21, suit em up, super 21 and much more. And with a $12,500 welcome bonus, you will have more than enough bankroll to play 21.

Red Dog

Another casino site that offers legal blackjack games in Red dog. With several blackjack games such as super 21, pontoon, 21 face up, 21 blackjack plus perfect pairs, you will be entertained for hours. while this casino may have less games, it has 225% welcome bonus and you will get 20% extra if you make a bitcoin deposit.

Play Blackjack Online

While you may not be prosecuted for playing Blackjack online, you need to be certain that it is legal to play online. if you are unsure about anything, it Is best to consult a legal adviser. The last thing you want to do is make a deposit online, play, win and be unable to receive your winnings because of any legal issues.

If you are certain that you can play online, visit any of the recommended US casinos online that we have mentioned on our site. We have vetted each one and can confidently say the bonuses and games are safe to play.

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