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New Jersey has reportedly reopened talks with other states to share online poker liquidity. This news came after the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement apparently started talking to Nevada about pooling online poker players together. The talks also revealed that New Jersey is open to the option of sharing online poker players with Pennsylvania, should that state decide to regulate online poker.

New Jersey Poker player sharing

New Jersey Law Could Be Issue

While New Jersey is certainly on board with the idea, the proposition could still fail. David Rebuck, the director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, spoke about potential problems that could prevent the sharing to occur. He focused on the fact that an online poker provider that offers its games to New Jersey players has to have its servers located in the state. Should Nevada and Pennsylvania not allow their gaming servers to be hosted from within New Jersey, the plan will fall through.

New Jersey law clearly states that, in order to provide any form of online gambling to New Jersey residents, the operator must be licensed and have its servers hosted in Atlantic City. This law has already caused one plan to share players to fall apart. Should the law change, it could also allow the online casinos in New Jersey to accept players from other states.

New Jersey Tries To Share with UK

Back in June 2016, the Division of Gaming Enforcement had planned on making a similar agreement with the UK to share players. There was an ‘agreement in principle’ in place with the UK Gambling Commission to pool players from the two nations. However, due to the law that servers must be located in New Jersey, the plan fell through. In addition, UK players would have had to stop playing on International poker sites, so it wasn’t going to be a great deal.

Online poker has been struggling recently in the USA, with June being an all-time low for the online card game, partly due to the liquidity issues. While poker is struggling online, casinos seem to be continuing to grow and prosper.