20-Year-Old Shane Missler from Florida Wins $451 Million Lottery Jackpot

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A 20-year-old from Florida recently had his life changed forever after he won $451 million in the Mega Millions Lottery. The young man, Shane Missler, isn’t even old enough to celebrate his good fortune with a few drinks, yet he’ll never have to worry about money again in his life. The good news is, Missler seems to be a very mature 20-year-old and is actively planning for his future.

Shane Missler wins $451 million jackpot

Shane Missler, 20 years old, recently discovered he’d won the 4th largest Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot of all time. His winning ticket was worth $451 million.

Missler Determined not to Squander Jackpot

While Missler may not be old enough to drink, his first move after discovering he’d won the jackpot showed how smart this young man is. His first move was to hire a lawyer and start planning for his financial future. He did post a cryptic message to his Facebook account though, simply saying “Oh. My. God.”. This was the only thing he’d say for the next seven days.

Missler has said that he is determined not to squander this life-changing jackpot win, like so many lottery winners before him have. He has retained the services of a lawyer to help guide him in financial decisions going forward. Missler added that he hopes to use this money to pursue a number of passions, help his family, as well as trying to do good for humanity.

Missler Takes Lump-Sum Payout

Missler opted to take his $451 lottery million jackpot in a single lump-sum payout. Once taxes were deducted, this left him with $211 million. He has set up a trust, where he is the managing member and has been given a crash course in financial management. He has also tried to keep a low profile, refusing to be photographed or interviewed at the lottery office.

His lawyer has commended him for being very level-headed and poised. He is convinced Missler is making all the right decisions at the moment and will be able to make the best out of this lottery win. We’d like to congratulate Missler on behalf on the Casino US team, and we wish him all the best for the future, although we are a little jealous.