Mirage Volcano in Las Vegas Under Threat, Petition to Save it

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The future of the Mirage Volcano in Las Vegas looks uncertain. The artificial volcano located outside The Mirage Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip will likely be demolished once the Hard Rock International Group has taken over the property. While the destruction of the Mirage Volcano has not been confirmed, nor is there a date for potential removal, it is believed that its fate is sealed. Following the deal between MGM Resorts International and Hard Rock International, the Volcano is unlikely to survive.

Future of Mirage Volcano Uncertain

Petition to Save the Mirage Volcano

However, while it looks like the iconic Volcano will be demolished, a petition has been created to spare it. At the time of writing, over 5100 people have signed the change.org petition. The Mirage Hotel and Casino is a South Pacific-themed resort that opened in 1989, so the Volcano fits quite nicely with the theme.  The petition states that they believe the Volcano should be considered a historic landmark in Las Vegas.


The change in operators of The Mirage Hotel and Casino is set to take place later in 2022. The Mirage Volcano was the idea of Elaine Wynn, ex-wife of Steve Wynn. When the Mirage Volcano was constructed, it became the first free spectacle in Las Vegas. This would be followed later by the fountains at the Bellagio, the Treasure Island Pirates, and the lights at Freemont Street.


The Volcano reflects the themed Megaresorts that were all the rage in Las Vegas. It was followed by a New York-themed property in 1997 and a Paris-themed casino in 1999. The Volcano was watched by locals and tourists every night, between 8pm and 11pm. However, over the last few years, the number of shows has been reduced.


Deal with Hard Rock International

Hard Rock International has paid over $1 Billion to take over the operating assets. It is thought that once the transfer is completed, Hard Rock will build a guitar-shaped hotel building. This is what will replace the Volcano. Once the transfer of operations is complete, Hard Rock will become the first Tribal Casino operator on the Las Vegas Strip. Hard Rock International is the gambling company of the Seminole Tribe.