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Mike Postle and Stone Gambling Hall Sued for US$30 Million After Allegedly Cheating

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A poker player named Mike Postle and the Stones Gambling Hall in California have made headlines this week for allegedly being at the middle of a cheating scandal. A total of 24 players have launched a lawsuit against the cardroom and Postle, saying that the two worked in tandem to relay information about hands during a Stones Live Poker game.

mike postle and stone gambling hall sued for cheating

It is alleged that somebody in the Stones team helped Postle by making him aware of his opponent’s cards. The Stones Live Poker technical staff make use of a radio frequency identification system in order to read player cards for the stream. The players further suggest that they already know who this staff member may have been but are purposely refraining from making accusations until all facts are verified. It is for this reason that the fellow defendant has been named “John Doe 1” in all legal documentation.

Mike Postle: “Idiosyncratically Gifted Individual” or Cheat?

Allegations that Postle was potentially cheating first made an appearance last month as poker bloggers discussed the plausibility of Postle’s win-rate. It has been stated that Postle has appeared for more than a year, and for a very long time did not post irregular stats or win-rates. However, there was a short period in which Postle posted stats that were so ridiculous they have been described as “unfathomable in the world of professional poker”. During this time, the poker player was able to net himself US$250000 in prize money.

The lawsuit goes on to suggest that Stones Gambling Hall presented Postle’s win-rate as that of an “idiosyncratically gifted individual” as opposed to investigating the idea that he may be cheating. It is important to note that the lawsuit also suggests that Postle only ever played live stream poker at Stones, despite several such venues being available across California.

It remains to be seen whether or not Postle will be found guilty of these charges. For more updates on this story and more, make sure to keep it here at CasinoUS.com.

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