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Michigan state is one step closer to becoming the dream state for US gamblers. Being one of the most permissive states with gambling in general, the final frontier of online casinos and sports betting seems to be opening up. The bill about the legalization of online casinos and sports betting, which was proposed by Rep. Brandt Ident is one step closer to realization. It passed the first stage – the Legislative Ways and Means Committee. Now, it makes its way to the floor of the house for a final vote.

Michigan StateHouse of Representatives

The vote to pass the bill into law is expected to be made in the first two weeks of November. What does this mean for the state of Michigan? There has been some resistance to the details of this bill, but not from where you would expect. The state’s budget office has had some reservations about the possible ramifications of online casinos on the state’s tax revenue. Find out how Rep. Brandt Ident is defending his proposal as we unpack the bill and how it will operate as a law.

Michigan Online Casino & Sports Betting Bill Goes to Vote

Already the initial vote to get the bill up for debate and a vote at the floor of the house was a resounding 10-1 victory. It is only natural to expect that the vote at the House of Representatives will follow suit. There is some resistance from Michigan State’s budget office. The budget office fears that the addition of online gambling and sports betting will take revenue from the state-run lottery.

However, Ident has defended his bill stating that the revenue and tax which will be earned from online gambling operators is greater than possible losses. He has raised New Jersey’s online gambling tax revenue as an example of the positive benefits of a thriving sports betting and online casino industry in Michigan.

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