Floyd Mayweather Starts MMA Training, Potential Billion-Dollar Deal

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Floyd Mayweather has officially said that he is finished with his boxing career. Mayweather ended his career after 50 fights and was undefeated. His final fight was against UFC star Conor McGregor and was the most bet on boxing event of all time. Now, it seems Mayweather is willing to try his hand at UFC and mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting.

Floyd Mayweather starts MMA training soon

Floyd Mayweather confirmed that he will start MMA training soon. He is looking to sign a $1 Billion multi-fight contract with UFC.

Mayweather to Start MMA Training Soon

Rumors started circulating about Mayweather trying MMA fighting as soon as the fight with McGregor was over. However, this was the first time he had confirmed that he was training for it. He recently spoke to reporters and said that he was going to be starting his MMA training soon. Mayweather said that he is sure it will be difficult, but he wants to make sure he trains the right way. Mayweather will be trained by Tyron Woodley, a UFC welterweight champion.

Mayweather said that he thinks his biggest challenge will be his kick. He rated his skills with his hands at ten out of ten, but only rated his leg/kicking skill at a four. With UFC and MMA fighting, kicking plays a big role in the fights. Back in December 2017, the president of UFC said that he was in talks with Mayweather for a fight in the octagon.

MMA Rematch Between McGregor and Mayweather?

Mayweather has been very good for TV networks and sports betting. It is thought that his fights have generated $2 billion in revenue for pay-per-view tv. A UFC deal could be extremely beneficial financially as well. If Mayweather signs a multi-fight contract, he could earn as much as a billion dollars.

With the confirmation of Mayweather’s MMA training, sportsbooks are getting hyped for a rematch between Mayweather and McGregor. Some doubt Mayweather would fight the UFC champ in his first UFC fight, but McGregor fought his first boxing match against an undefeated boxing champion. Currently, the odds have McGregor as the major favorites to win an MMA fight. McGregor has odds of -900, meaning a $100 bet on him would win just $11. Mayweather is currently at +550.