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Man loses $100 000 Jackpot in Florida

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We’ve all seen it in movies and TV. There’s someone gambling at a casino and they ask a woman to participate in the bet to give them luck. Normally we see this with regards to blowing on the dice before rolling them in Craps. However, this went terribly wrong for one particular gambler in Florida while playing on the slot machines.

Man loses slot jackpot to friend in FLorida

The gentleman was playing the slot Double Top Dollar at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino when he asked a female friend to push the spin button for him. Well, she did, and she hit the jackpot. Unfortunately for the man in question, the gambling laws in Florida state that the jackpot belongs to the person who spun the reels on the slot.

Good Luck Turns to Bad in Florida Casino

Jan Flato,the unfortunate man who was playing Double Top Dollar in late January 2017, asked his friend to push the button for luck. Once she had hit the jackpot, the casino managers reviewed the video footage of the win. They noted that she had pressed the button to spin the reels, making her the rightful winner. They paid her out $50 000 in cash, and the additional $50 000 was given to her as a check.

Unfortunately for Jan Flato, his friend didn’t feel like sharing, at all, and left $100 000 richer. She even asked the armed security guards at the casino to keep their eye on him as she left the casino.

Jackpot Long Gone

He revealed that he decided to go public to try and make sure this doesn’t happen to other people.

“I want everybody to know what happened so it won’t happen to them. I’ve played slots all over the country and never had a problem like that. Even the people handing out the money said, ‘This isn’t right.’”, said Jan Flato.

He has also received legal advice on the matter. However, the news isn’t good. He has been told that he doesn’t have a case and no lawyer would try and get this matter in court. Unfortunately, he has had to make peace with the fact that the jackpot is gone.