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Lee Nelson is a well-loved and respected poker player in the world and especially the US. He mostly frequents the Australian poker tournament circuit which has seen him win several awards including the Crown Australian Poker Championship.

In 2005 Nelson won a $400.000 first prize in the PartyPoker World Open. While in England he also managed to reach the semi-finals of the VC Cup in 2005. Lee Nelson has won a total of $2,000,000 from live tournaments around the world.

Lee Nelson has also been part of a poker team, Team PokerStars, in the PokerStars card room. Later he won the Victoria Championship Main Event. This famous poker player has been known to wear a Hawaiian shirt to the final table at the St. Maarten poker event in 2014. The Hawaiian T-shirt became his signature image, and he has worn it to every tournament he has played in especially when he reaches the final table. Many poker fans have come to know him for the t-shirt.

Lee Nelson

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Lee Nelson: Other Pursuits

Many may not know this, but Lee Nelson was born in the United States. He then Moved to New Zealand, where he qualified as a medical doctor. He left medicine to pursue his passion for poker. After winning multiple awards in poker tournaments. He decided to share his insights about poker with poker enthusiasts.

He co-hosts an Australian show on Network 10 With Mike Goldman. The show is called Joker Poker, which involves every aspect of poker, including the latest poker strategies in the market.  He is also the host of the New Zealand version of Joker Poker on TV3. He hosts the show with Howard Smith.

Lee Nelson did not stop at hosting TV shows to share his knowledge. He went on to co-author a book detailing out his poker strategy. The book is called Kill Phil: The Fast Track to Success in No-Limit Hold ’em Poker Tournaments. Following the success of the previous book, he and Blair Rodman wrote the “let’s play poker” book and ‘Kill Everyone.”

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While many poker players online may know Lee Nelson as a poker god, he is also a medical doctor who has made significant contributions to the field. He has written a book about prostate cancer called Prostate cancer Prevention and Cure. He has recently opened a wellness retreat in New Zealand.