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Following the devastating mass shooting that happened in Las Vegas in the beginning of October, numerous Las Vegas Casinos are considering making changes to their hotel’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) policy. It is believed that the shooter was able to easily prepare for his brutal attack, by leaving the do not disturb sign on his door in the days leading up to the shooting.

Las Vegas Casinos Do Not Disturb Policy

Las Vegas Casinos are making revisions to their ‘Do Not Disturb’ policies, following the recent mass-shooting.

Las Vegas Casinos Shorten How Long They’ll Honor ‘DND’

Since the shooting many Las Vegas hotels and casinos have been revising their ‘Do Not Disturb’ policy. The revisions are aimed at ensuring that staff will look in on guests that request privacy for unusually long periods of time, more often. According to several reports, numerous casinos have decided to shorten the amount of time that staff will honor the do not disturb sign. The Las Vegas shooter was able to stay in his room for three days prior to the attack.

While there is no industry standard, when it comes to the do not disturb notification, most hotels tend to check in on guests after around three days. One of the first groups to make a change to the policy was Boyd Gaming. The company runs The Orleans, as well as ten other hotels in the Las Vegas area. The vice president announced that Boyd Gaming had decided to change from three days, to two days.

Las Vegas Casinos Already Making Changes

Wynn Resorts has also spoken about changes. The CEO has said that his staff will be instructed to look in on guests more often. He also added that a guest using the do not disturb sign for three days would not have gone unnoticed at one of his properties.

MGM Resorts hasn’t made any comments on the issue though. There has been no confirmation on what, if any, policy MGM has with regards to checking rooms. This is likely also a defensive move, as any comments on its policy could be used in lawsuits related to the shooting.

Regardless of any industry standard policy, most hotels will check on guests every three days. However, this is more to ensure the guest’s health, rather than looking for any illegal activities.