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Is Baccarat Online Rigged?

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Is Baccarat Online Rigged? We see this often on Reddit and other player forums associated with casual gamblers. The short answer is that Baccarat Online isn’t rigged. However, the long answer muddies the water.

So, we’ve compiled this guide to answer “is baccarat online rigged?” to give USA players a comprehensive answer. Take a look at what our expert players discovered below.

Is Baccarat Online Rigged?

So is Baccarat Online Rigged? – How It Works

Despite the widespread myths about casino cheating, systems are in place to prevent it. These ensure that casinos operate fairly and that baccarat online isn’t rigged.

1. Random Number Generators

Software providers create baccarat games with algorithms called random number generators (RNGs). These algorithms are programmed with the game rules and the probabilities of certain hands coming up.

RNGs will then generate independent outcomes for each draw that aren’t influenced by outside factors. So, no matter how many cards you draw or discard on virtual baccarat tables, you know they’re free of tampering.

2. Independent Testing

Once a game is launched at online casinos, a third party will randomly sample hands from the game server. These tests are run regularly to check that nothing has influenced the game.

Mostly, independent testers will take thousands of hands and matches, along with game records, to check that the program is working as it did on launch.

3. Regular Auditing

On a less frequent basis, the government will also audit online casinos to see if baccarat games are rigged. These span months of games and will track every hand played.

Auditing is essential for all online casinos to hold a valid casino license. So, we can guarantee that the sites we recommend only offer fair games.

4. Baccarat Online Reviews

Lastly, you can’t hide rigging from people who enjoy baccarat online. So, check for player reviews and how they fared against the virtual table.

Sometimes, these are biased, but it helps to get a real person’s opinion before playing a hand. However, we don’t recommend reading through Reddit too often.

Tips to Win Baccarat

Now that you know how baccarat online isn’t rigged, we have some tips to reduce your losses. These apply to any table games if you want to try those too.

  1. Practise with demo modes before moving to real money stakes to avoid burning through your bankroll.
  2. Never use a progressive betting system on a budget, or you’ll hit the table limits too quickly.
  3. Avoid overspending your budget by betting small on any outcome of a hand.