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Scratch cards are a fun and easy casino game to play. However, what are the odds of winning on a scratch card? With online scratch cards, it will be hard to get the odds. This is because you won’t be able to factor the amount of tickets bought or prizes in the tickets.

Instead, the game information supplied will help. Things such as the payout percentage are important to remember. The RTP will tell that the percentage of money wagered on the scratch card will be returned to players. Curious about how it all works? Keep reading!

winning on a scratch card

Odds Of Winning On A Scratch Card

The odds of winning on a scratch card are the same regardless of where you play online scratch cards. The same goes for buying physical scratchies. It won’t matter where you buy the instant ticket. The odds of winning will remain the same.

This is because the tickets are random. Online the ticket outcomes are generated using technologies that ensure that the outcome is entirely random. With tickets that you buy at the shop or petrol station, the tickets are distributed randomly.

The odds of winning a scratch card is approximately 1 in 3. With physical tickets off, all the tickets sold on a third of the tickets will be winning tickets. However, this does not mean that if you buy three tickets, one of the three is a guaranteed win. There are two factors that odds are based on, the number of prizes on the game and the number of tickets printed.

Best Scratch Card Odds

When playing online, buy scratch is easy and can be down at a click of a button. Due to the instant play, you are bound to forget some important details about scratch cards.

Firstly, you should check for the variance of the ticket. If the ticket is a low variance scratch card, it will pay out more often than a high variance card. But the amount won will be much smaller than a high variance scratch card.

Also, the lower the variance on a scratch card, the better the odds of winning. Here is a rough example of the relationship between a scratch card’s cost, the odds of winning, and the jackpot.

Scratch Card Prize Odds of Winning Jackpot Size
$1 1 in 4 $10,000
$1 1 in 4 $25,000
$2 1 in 4 $25,000
$4 1 in 4 $50,000
$5 1 in 4 $100,000
$6 1 in 4 $300,000
$10 1 in 4 $500,000
$15 1 in 3 $1,000,000
$20 1 in 2 $200,000


Tips to Increase Your Odds

While we may not have step by step guide on how to win a scratch card every time, we do have a few tips that can help you better your odds.

  • Practice how a particular scratch card works by trying out the free version of the game.
  • Don’t only focus on the jackpots.
  • Budget and have a sufficient bankroll for the type of scratch cards that you want to play.
  • Remember that with online scratch cards, quality matters over quantity. So play the more expensive cards for a better chance at winning.
  • Read the terms and conditions of each card.
  • Use the bonuses given to you.

Top Scratch Cards Online

Always remember that this particular game is based on luck. There are no set strategies that can guarantee you a win. But you can use our tip to help increase your odds. Another thing that you can do is play the best casino sites online.

We have reviewed only the best USA casinos online to ensure that they give you the best bonuses and offer top scratch cards such as color cubes from IGY and Medusa from NextGen.