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About 400 suspects have been arrested by Vietnamese authorities that worked together with China’s Ministry of Public Security and Zhuhai Police. The suspects were taken into custody from Haiphong City. They were operating an unlawful gambling business worth $437 million and charged for it. Ten Haiphong City apartment buildings were used to operate 187 sports betting websites.

The Grand Lisboa Macau name was said to be used by these illegal properties according to Chinese media, Xinhua. Inside Asian Gaming stated the business started with five people in Huizhou and Shenzhen in 2017. They later moved to Vietnam in 2018. It is speculated that Vietnam residents were employed by the illegal gambling company. However, Vietnam did not talk about the rest of the arrests.

Grand Lisboa Macau a Victim Again

It’s not the first time that criminals utilize the Grand Lisboa Macau to lure in players. There was an unlawful company that used Wynn Macau’s name to get cash from bettors. documented this at the beginning of the month. Wynn Macau stated that people should be careful when using gambling websites that are linked to the brand.

The Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino is one of the most acknowledged companies in the globe’s huge gaming scene. Stanley Ho’s Sociedad de Jogos de Macau (SJM) owns this building. It’s no surprise that criminals would want to be associated with the brand, the company was used by eight unique websites.

grand lisboa macau used for illegal gambling

Illegal Gambling in the name of Grand Lisboa Macau

The unlawful gambling group comes at a time when investors have more interest in Grand Lisboa Macau. JPMorgan increased its rating on Grand Lisboa Macau which was normal and counted it as the among the best. Analysts think that SJM should establish the Grand Lisboa Palace in 2020.

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