Florida Resident wins $450 Million Lottery

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One lucky resident in Florida has recently won a $450 million lottery jackpot in the state. However, this lucky winner is yet to claim their prize, and the clock is ticking. This person was the sole jackpot winner in the Mega Millions draw. We can’t think of a better start to 2018 than winning the lottery like this.

Florida resident wins $450 million lottery jackpot

A lucky gambler in Florida has won the $450 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot.

Lottery Jackpot Won by Single Winner

The winning ticket was sold by a 7-Eleven in Port Richey, Florida. The lucky winner selected the winning numbers of 28, 30, 39, 59, 70, and 10 for the Mega ball. While the winner hasn’t been identified yet, we do know that they were the only person to select all the correct numbers. This means they won’t be sharing the jackpot with any other players. There will be other winners of course, like the 7-Eleven who sold the winning ticket. That location will win $100 000, and there were other players who managed to guess some of the numbers.

The odds of winning the Mega Millions lottery is in the region of 1 in 302 million. The player has a maximum of 180 days to claim their prize. However, if they want to take a lump sum payout, they’ll need to claim within 60 days. The lump sum payout would be worth $281 million.

Fourth Biggest Lottery Jackpot Win

If the prize is claimed, we will know who the lucky player was, as they are not permitted to remain anonymous. Players will need to reveal their name, the city where they live, and certain other details. This $450 million jackpot win is the fourth biggest in history, with the biggest tipping the scale at $656 million.

However, Powerball jackpots have managed to grow even larger. The largest on record was an incredible $1.6 billion. These massive jackpots tend to be shared among multiple winners though. But, in 2017, we did see the largest single Powerball jackpot winner in history. Mavis Wanczyk won herself $758 million in August 2017.