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The upcoming vote on Amendment 3 in Florida was looking it was almost guaranteed to pass. However, recent information suggests that the supporters of the ballot are no longer in such a comfortable position and the vote could go either way. Amendment 3 has been supported by Disney and the Seminole casino operator. It has had nearly $40 million in funding, but now the opposition are stepping up their campaigns.

Amendment 3 Loses support ahead of Florida Vote

Amendment 3 will require all gambling expansion in Florida to be approved by the voters. The amendment has lost support though, ahead of the vote. It currently doesn’t have the 60% it needs to pass.

Amendment 3 Proposes Big Changes

If you haven’t been following Florida gambling laws closely, you may not be up to speed on what Amendment 3 is. This amendment would require any gambling expansion in the state to be put to a vote, allowing the public to decide, not the state government. Disney has been against further gambling expansion, as it wants Florida to be seen as a family destination. The Seminole Tribe is the states only tribal casino operator, and if the bill passes, it would essentially give the Seminoles a monopoly in the future. It would also remove any bargaining power the state has when it comes to negotiating new compacts.

In order for Amendment 3 to pass, it needs to receive 60% of the vote. A poll from early September showed that 71% of people planned on supporting the bill. However, the most recent poll data from the Florida Chamber of Commerce has shown that this number has dropped to 54%, with 28% saying they’re against the bill, and 18% undecided.

Amendment 3 to be Decided in November

The reason behind the drop in support may be due to several PACs increasing their campaigning against Amendment 3. They have increased their TV advertising and have warned voters that Amendment 3 would actually be bad for the state’s economy. While supporters of the bill have had $40 million, those who oppose it have far less. There are still some big backers opposed to the bill, like Sheldon Adelson, MGM, FanDuel, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and more.

The Citizens for the Truth About Amendment 3 have raised over $6 million, while ‘Vote No on 3’ has raised just under $1 million. FanDuel also reached out to its players in Florida, warning them that if the amendment passes, it will make it virtually impossible to legalize sports betting in the state. The vote is set to happen in early November, so there is less than a month to go.