Frank Fertitta, Las Vegas Billionaire, Spends $25M on Daughter’s Dream Wedding

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Frank Fertitta, who is the CEO of Station Casinos, went all in on his daughter’s dream wedding. The Las Vegas billionaire spared no expense for his daughter Kelley’s special day. The wedding was held at his Red Rock Resort over the weekend and is reported to have cost a whopping $25 million.


Frank Fertitta Spends $25M on daughter's Wedding

Frank Fertitta, a billionaire from Las Vegas, has spent a reported $25 million on his daughter’s wedding.


Fertitta Spares No Expense

The wedding had around 450 guests in attendance, and there were several celebrities taking care of the entertainment. During the rehearsal on Friday evening, John Mayer provided the entertainment, while Bruno Mars and Seal handled the reception party on Saturday. It was reported that anyone working at the wedding or supplying items had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. However, this hasn’t stopped some details emerging…

According to reports, it seems like the main colour theme was white and purple, with one person claiming that they’d never seen so many white and purple flowers before. The wedding registry was also leaked online. There were reportedly two vases on the registry, one for $18 000 and one for $13 500. Neither was bought for the couple. Some items that were bought include a $984 Sphinx Serving Spoon, a $2500 Espresso Machine, a $1175 vase, an $822 vegetable fork, and a $300 candle holder.

Fertitta Fortune

Frank Fertitta owns the controlling share in Station Casinos, along with his younger brother. The pair were also made a significant amount of money thanks to the UFC. They purchased the UFC back in 2001 for $2 million. Then, in 2016, they sold it for $4 billion. The bride, Kelley, along with her sister run a lifestyle blog, while the groom is a senior executive at Spotify.

You may be wondering how this $25 million wedding stacks up to others. The average wedding in the USA costs around $35 000 today. However, even when compared to most celebrity weddings, this one was far more expensive. Kim and Kayne’s wedding cost just under $3 million, while George Clooney’s ceremony cost $4.6 million.

Most Expensive Weddings

As expensive as the Fertitta wedding was, it’s nothing compared to royal weddings in the UK. When Prince Charles married Diana, it cost the equivalent of $70 million in today’s money. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding cost $34 million in 2011, and Harry’s wedding to Megan Markle cost $43 million. However, it must be said that most of the costs for royal weddings go toward the security.

Surely, no one could spend more on a wedding than that right? Well, the most expensive wedding in recent history took place in 1981, when the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi got married. The wedding was hosted in a 20 000-seat stadium and took place over seven days. It is reported to have cost $100 million.