Federal Court Sentences Maryland Dealer to 18 Months for Cheating Scheme

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A Maryland dealer has been sentenced by a federal court for his million-dollar baccarat cheating scheme. The dealer, Ming Zhang from Virginia, will also have supervised release for three years when he’s served the 18-month sentence. Maryland U.S. District Court Judge Paul W. Grimm has similarly ordered Zhang to return the money to the casino since he owes over $1 million, assuming that it hasn’t been spent.

According to the court filings, the Maryland dealer ran a baccarat scheme. Zhang and an unnamed conspirator knew which cards would be dealt. Thus, they could predict the outcome of a baccarat hand and place bets. In addition, the conspirator took pictures of the deck. Reportedly, this took place from July to September 2017.

Maryland Dealer Sentenced

Details on the Maryland Dealer Con

During his trial, the Maryland dealer was exposed as a liar during the investigation into his actions. Apparently, he claimed he didn’t know anything about the cheating. However, the prosecution showed that he had only shuffled half of the deck, then placed both halves in the shoe. Moreover, he allowed the player to take pictures.

To make matters worse, a second scheme at another casino was alleged. The Maryland dealer also allegedly met with a co-conspirator at the second casino. He also got a $1000 cut, while asking for more. While his co-conspirators have yet to be named, a widespread problem is developing at Maryland casinos.

More Cheating

According to some experts, 63% of cheating at MGM casinos takes place at their Maryland resort. Allegedly, the MGM National Harbor is the most cheated in the country. The Prince George’s County venue has been trying to clamp down but they can only do so much. In 2017, the casino caught 172 cheaters red-handed.

In a different scandal, a Live! Casino and Hotel worker was printing five fake casino vouchers. He was caught cashing them in at the MGM Hanover venue for $14 500.