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On Tuesday, Bill Polian announced that Tom Dundon would suspend operations for the Alliance of American Football (AAF) league. As a result of this outcome, FanDuel has decided to pay out US bettors who had made wagers on the league. More specifically, the payout is for bettors who made future wagers.

FanDuel has declared the Orlando Apollos as league champions which mean that bettors who made future bets announcing the team as the league champions will be paid out. In addition, the sportsbook will rank all the other seven AAF team future bets as winners as well. These teams include the Atlanta Legends and the Memphis Express teams who were eliminated in the playoff matchups.

According to group chief marketing officer at Fanduel, Mike Raffensperger, FanDuel loves football and this a bad beat for sports bettors and the biggest winners should be their customers. The total cost for the Alliance of American Football payouts will be around $10,000.

fanduels pays out aaf future bets

AAF Bets Being Paid Out by Other Sportsbooks

FanDuel is not the only sportsbook that will be paying out its customers for the suspended league. DraftKings announced in a tweet saying that they will refund the customers all their AAF future bets. In addition, they will also give a free bet to bettors who had an open AAF bet.

Furthermore, SuperBook is also one of the sportsbooks in Las Vegas that are refunding their customers their AAF future bets. The sportsbook will grade the bets made on this league ‘no action’ since no championship game was played.

Why the AAF League was Suspended

Before the league started, there were already issues. There were reports of the league not having enough money to keep itself afloat. However, some sources reported to ESPN that the problem was with the payroll company they hired. However, according to a letter Associated Press got, no specific reason was given for the suspension.