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A large-scale fight between Encore Boston patrons has sparked a review by Massachusetts officials. Four arrests were made after a series of fights broke out on August 12th. According to reports, rowdiness and fights broke out at closing-time for the Encore bar as well as on the casino floor. Details of the evening’s events will, therefore, come under review by the state.

In a statement from the police, it was revealed that fights had first broken out at the resort’s nightclub, Memoire. Two Encore Boston patrons were arrested, while a third was taken into protective custody. A fourth patron will be summoned to appear in local court. The first man arrested is charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest charges. A second fight then broke out at 2:15am in the lobby where another patron was arrested for indecent assault and battery, among others.

Encore Boston Patrons Arrested USA

Wild Night for Encore Boston Patrons

After the first two fights, police and security had their hands full with another at 2:23am when another melee erupted on the casino floor. Another man was ordered to appear in court to face charges of assault and battery. At 3:00am, police escorted several Encore Boston patrons from the premises. A fourth man was taken into police protective custody after appearing “highly intoxicated”.

In total, these events made for a raucous night at the casino resort. Luckily, officers were on hand to deal with it. These growing pains appear to be par for the course, despite their intended market for high rollers.

Encore Boston Scandals

In its short time of operation, the Encore Boston Harbor has faced multiple scandals. Following the Wynn Resorts’ allegations, the resort has tried to distance itself from further scandals. Unfortunately, the string of arrests could spell disaster for the fledgling Massachusetts casino. Reportedly, their regulatory compliance will be under the microscope. The state officials say that the casino will be investigated for compliance with “the required internal controls, policies and procedures,” related to the disturbances.

There was another scandal in early June, where two New York men were arrested for cheating and conspiracy. Further arrests of other Encore Boston patrons have painted a disturbing picture for their delicate hold on a gambling license. And, that doesn’t include allegations of unpaid bills by contractors.

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