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DraftKings First-Ever Sports Betting Championship Ends Horribly

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DraftKings’ roll out of their brand-new tournament, Sports Betting Championship ends in a lawsuit. A group of bettors filed a class action suit in New Jersey last week, claiming that DraftKings were negligent and arbitrarily prejudiced certain players. Lead plaintiff of the lawsuit, Christopher Leong, is one of the players that were left to rue entering the tournament after his bet was randomly rejected.

The Sports Betting Championship Tournament Final Day Controversy

The DraftKings Sports Betting Championship (SBC) contest was a three-day tournament, a first-of-its-kind that was headquartered in Jersey City. Over 200 contestants entered the competition with a $10,000 buy-in into the tournament. Based on how a player’s bet fared in the games, they would be ranked accordingly. One of the contestants, Rufus Peabody, was first place after two days of betting and intended to wager on one of the premier games on the final day.  The New England Patriots vs the Los Angeles Chargers playoff game was the cause of the controversy.

Issues arose when Peabody’s winnings were not credited into his account, thereby preventing him to place a bet on the final game and be in contention for a $2.5 Million jackpot prize. There was a four-minute gap in between the Eagles vs Saints game and the Chargers vs Patriots games. Peabody would eventually finish third place, prompting him to seek legal representation to seek recourse for the negligence.

Draftkings Sports Betting Championship Scandal

Background into the Class Action Against DraftKings

Peabody’s unfortunate shortcomings were just the tip of the iceberg, and he was not alone in the boat. Leong, who is a pro bettor, says he experienced similar issues. Moreover, he tells of a situation whereby his bet was arbitrarily not processed while other player’s bet was. Under the New Jersey consumer protection, Leong and the rest of the class-action complainants are deserving of treble damage, a return of their $10 000 buy-in and punitive damages. When reached for comment, DraftKings stated that it does not comment on matters pending litigation. This is not the first time DraftKings has been embroiled in a court drama.

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