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Churchill Downs Approved for Gaming Facility

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Churchill Downs Incorporated recently announced that it had officially received initial approval to create a new gambling facility. Approval was granted by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, and the new gambling parlor will be built at Trackside. Trackside was previously used as a training facility but was closed down.

Churchill Downs Approved for Gaming Facility


Churchill Downs to Spend $60 Million

The new gambling facility will be located just five miles away from the world-renowned Churchill Downs Racetrack, which hosts the Kentucky Derby. The Trackside facility will be an 85-000 square foot venue when complete and is expected to cost around $60 million to complete. It will house around 650 gaming machines, where players can place wagers on historical horse races.

The Trackside facility will give residents and visitors a place where they can enjoy parimutuel gambling throughout the year. Historical horse race betting is not on the cards to be incorporated into the Churchill Downs Racetrack, as space is limited. When the new facility opens, its operating hours will be from 9 am until 2 am Monday – Thursday and Sunday. It will be open24-hours a day on Fridays and Saturdays.

Historical Horse Race Betting

Betting on historical horse racing may seem strange, how can you bet on races when we already know the outcome? With historical horse race betting games, once the player has made their wager, a random race is chosen. Players don’t know when it took place, where, or which horses and jockeys took part.

They then choose three horses, for the top three positions, the race is then run. There is some skill to this, as the actual racing form from the race is shown. So, some players may be able to get an idea of what race they might be betting on.

In some ways, these betting machines are similar to slots, in that players can have the game select the horses for them. It does this by selecting the horses that had the best pre-race odds to win. However, while doing this gives the player the best chance of winning, it also gives them the lowest payout.

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2024 Latest News: New Announcer and Handicapping Team Updates at Churchill Downs Incorporated

Churchill Downs Incorporated

Churchill Downs Incorporated has appointed Tony Calo as the new announcer at Ellis Park Racing & Gaming, while he continues his role at Turfway Park Racing & Gaming and joins the handicapping team at Churchill Downs. Alongside Calo, Kevin Kilroy, a former media relations member, has also joined the handicapping team. They will begin their roles during the Churchill Downs Spring Meet. This announcement comes as Scott Shapiro, a previous handicapping analyst, moves on to pursue other opportunities.