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Can You Cheat On Roulette?

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Yes, you can cheat on roulette, but it’s a bad idea for many reasons we’ll outline below. While we admit that some people have had success, most methods of cheating are illegal.

Plus, cheating online roulette is near impossible, even when you use bots or other hacks. With that said, let’s look at the ways you could cheat on roulette and why you shouldn’t.

Can You Cheat On Roulette?

Common Roulette Cheating Methods

Cheating casino games is more manageable in person, but the consequences are immediate. A sleight of hand might work once or twice, but you are being watched. Anyway, here’s how other players gain an edge over the casino:

  1. Past posting, or switching your chips, for a higher value after your bet wins is the most popular tactic. This sleight-of-hand technique requires some practice, but it can work once or twice.
  2. Pinching is like posting, but you’ll remove your bet from the table before the dealer notices. But you’ll need to be quick like Richard Marcus, who pulled it off frequently.
  3. Making a deal with the croupier to beat the house is another method but requires careful planning and strict rules. Depending on the plan, the dealer can add chips to winning bets or ignore posting and pinching.
  4. Magnetic balls are a common way to influence where the roulette ball lands with remote controls. A team of roulette cheaters used an electronic device and ball to manipulate the result within three spaces.
  5. Wheel rigging influences the roulette wheel by loosening some sections or dividers in the pockets. Pierre Dual used this method to win by hiding in bathrooms until the casino closed and then shaved the dividers and pockets. Then, family members would play the biased wheel tables and win big.
  6. Roulette computers and electronic devices can be used to track the wheel’s motion and calculate where the ball will land. These can influence bets and beat the house edge at roulette tables, but depends on the programming.

Why Cheating on Roulette Isn’t Good

While you can make a bundle on cheating, you can also run the risk of prison time and a lifetime ban. Most roulette cheating methods are illegal, and casinos don’t take it lightly since they’re run privately.

More so, security at land-based and online casinos is tight so that you won’t get away with it for long. The equipment is also constantly monitored for cheating, including any changes to the table. Plus, there’s monitoring software that watches everything happening on the wheel.

Regardless of the method involved, advantage play is never recommended. It’s kind of like card counting, you can do it in your head, but you can’t use outside influences.