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“Can you cheat at roulette?” One of the most popular questions we get about roulette. Because this is a safe space, we will not be judging your reasons for inquiring. The truth is you can cheat on any gambling game, especially at a land-based brick and mortar casino.

It becomes a bit more complex when you are trying to cheat at an online roulette game. Because short of creating the roulette software and fixing it to favor only you when you play there isn’t much you can do to cheat online.


Even if that wildly improbable scenario were to happen, online casinos are regularly audited so that tampering would be picked up and you would be swiftly on your way to jail.

Ok, now back to the matter of answering if it is possible to cheat at roulette. Yes, you can and there are two ways that have been successful. One can get you in trouble with the law while the other may just get you kicked out of a casino temporarily or banned from the roulette tables.

How to Cheat at Roulette?

Ever heard of a roulette computer device? That is one of the most successful roulette strategies or cheat sheets. What it basically does is predict where the ball will land when the roulette wheel finally stops spinning. It works by calculating the speed at which the wheel is spinning. However, the device only works accurately if you time it in sync with when the wheel is first spun.

How to Cheat Roulette

Naturally, this poses a problem because in roulette, because bets are placed before the wheel is spun. This is where the next part of your dastardly plan comes in. You’ll have to make a late bet. Somehow distract the dealer from seeing you move your chips to the roulette table section you want to bet on. Of course, if you are found pulling such a stunt, you’ll forfeit your winnings and get thrown out. We do not recommend this at all.

Another way people have been known to cheat at roulette is by tampering with the wheel. Unscrupulous people have been known to stick magnets under the roulette wheel. They do this to tilt and make the ball land in the pockets they want. At times it may be in collusion with the roulette dealer because how else are you getting under a table and sticking a magnet underneath a wheel unless you are part of the casino staff?

Should You Cheat Roulette?

Obviously not, it ruins the sport and the fun of gambling. And how is it gambling if you know what the outcome will be every single time? Well, I guess you could say in a sense it is still gambling, but with your freedom. Because tampering with casino machines will land you a heavy fine or a jail sentence. If you would like to beat roulette in an ethical way, we have plenty of roulette tips and strategy guides to help you with that. You can also sign up to any of the top casinos for fair games that are not rigged and that will not cheat you out of real money rewards. We hope you make the right choice.

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