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Two women from the United States recently did the impossible. Both women managed to win a significant amount of money playing lottery scratch cards, twice in one day. That’s right, each of these women won twice in a single day. The women are from different states in the USA, but both won during the course of November.

Scratch cards in USA

Two different women have managed to get really lucky with scratch cards, each winning twice in one day.

Scratch cards bring $100 000 wins

The first woman to get lucky twice in one day is Veronica from Missouri. While she won a good amount of money, it was nothing compared to the other lucky lady. Michelle, from North Carolina, who won ten times more than Veronica. As we said, each of these women bought two different winning scratch cards on the same day!

Veronica’s day started off well on the 29th of November when she bought a $10 Monopoly scratch card from a gas station. She later found the ticket had won her $1000. Not a bad win, so she decided to return later that day and purchase another. This time her ticket landed her a $100 000 prize.

Million Dollar Scratch Card Win

The second lucky woman also bought a scratch card at a gas station. Michelle was with her husband when she bought a Million Dollar Fever scratch card. After scratching the ticket, they saw that they had won $10 000. Obviously, Michelle and her husband were ecstatic with their win, $10 000 is a lot of money.

After travelling around 20 miles down the road, they decided to try their luck again and bought another scratch card at a convenience store. This would turn out to be a very wise decision. After buying the new scratch card, it turned out they had just won $1 million!

Michelle has revealed that instead of taking the lump sum, which would be $600 000 after tax, she will take the $50 000 yearly payout plan. This money is going to be put towards her children’s education and her retirement.

Scratch cards definitely offer better odds than the lottery. The odds of winning the lottery are around 1 in 176 million. Scratch cards, on the other hand, have a 1 in 4 chance of paying out some money, while the odds of a $10 000 or more win are 1 in 90. These two lucky ladies certainly beat those odds.