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A woman by the name of Katrina Bookman has hired a lawyer and is suing Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York. This is after she had thought she had just won a life-changing jackpot at one of the casino’s slot machines last fall in 2016. The game in question came up and told her she had won nearly $43 million dollars.

Woman sues casino after slot error denies her $40+ million win

Slot Error Leads to Lawsuit

However, upon presenting her winning ticket to the casino staff, she was informed that the machine had malfunctioned. The casino offered her a free dinner, as well as the correct winning she should have got from her one cent wager, which was $2.25. She refused the casino’s offer and hired a lawyer. The lawsuit is seeking $43 million in damages from the casino and a proper explanation for why this error occurred.

Her lawyer has said that the casino cannot claim the slot machine is broken, just because they want it to be. However, it is unlikely that she will win her case against the casino. Every slot machine displays a notification that any malfunctions will void any winnings.

Slot Machine Obviously Malfunctions

Resorts World has said that it is obvious that the win was due to a malfunction, and we tend to agree with them. The woman was playing a slot machine called Bookman and this game advertised a maximum jackpot of $6500. On top of this, she was only wagering one cent at a time. If this was a progressive jackpot slot, a winning of that size could be possible, but not in a game like this.

Had she actually won $43 million, it would be the largest single slot win in US history. The current record dates back to 2003 when a man won $39.7 million with a $100 wager on Megabucks.

The truth is, slot machines are electronic devices and are not immune to malfunctions, even if they are properly maintained. Things like this happen, and if it is an obvious error, it is unfair to expect a casino to fork out millions of dollars. Back in 2015, a 90-year old woman had a similar experience after she was told she’d won $41.7 million. She also sued the casino, but the judge dismissed her claim.