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Have you ever asked, “what’s the best bet in Sic bo?” Then you have come to the right place. You’ll notice that sic bo has some similarities to craps. For example, it features a board that has three dice.

Similarly to craps, the board may look confusing at first, and you may find it difficult to figure out. So, here are the three best Sic Bo wagers you can place at any online casino in the USA.

1. Big or Small Sic Bo Bets

Big or small bets in Sic Bo will give you the same chance of winning, which is 8.6%. And both of these bets have a similar house edge of 2.8%. When you look at a Sic Bo board, you’ll find that the big bet is in the top right-hand corner.

It’s not difficult to locate the big bet because it has the winning numbers. Which are 11 to 17, and they payout 1:1. If there is a triple dice combination with the same three numbers, you won’t win with a big bet. More so if the numbers range between 11 to 17.

If you roll three 4s, it would be a triple which means you lose. On the other hand, the small bet is located at the top left corner of the Sic Bo board. With this wager, you’ll get a one-to-one payout. However, you would lose if a triple appears, for example, 3 twos.

Best Bet in Sic Bo

2. Odd or Even Sic Bo Bets

Placing an odd bet means that you’re betting that the dice will reveal odd numbers. While an even bet means the dice show even numbers. The odd and even bets aren’t that much different from the big and small wagers.

For example, the chance of you winning in either of these bets is 48.6%, and the house advantage is 2.8%. Odd and even wagers have the same benefits that big and small bets have. However, there is a difference because most Sic Bo boards don’t have odd and even wagers. If the odd and even bets are offered, you’ll find them at the top left-hand corner of the board.

3. Dice Combination Bets

A dice combination bet is wagering that a specific number will appear on two of the three dice. These bets are found across the second to last row on the Sic Bo board. So, you can make a dice combination bet like one and two, two and four, and three and four.

In total, there are 15 dice combinations across the board. With each dice combination, the house edge is 2.8%. However, the difference is that you have a 13.9% chance of winning any 15-dice combination wagers.

The disadvantage to betting on a dice combination is that the frequency of winning is not as the other bets. However, if you win a dice combination bet, the payout will be 6:1. But some online casinos will offer a 5:1 payout. When this happens, the house edge increases to 16.7%.

Final Word: Best Sic Bo Bet

Online Sic Bo sometimes gets a bad reputation compared to other table games because it has a high house edge. However, some wagers make playing Sic Bo worth it. The nice thing about Sic Bo is that you can always choose probability bets like big, small, odd, or even. If you’re a risky player, you can also place dice combinations and enjoy a low house edge of 2.8%. While getting a 6:1 payout.