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Casino games are not limited to slots, table  or card games. So, what casino games use dice? Craps, Sic Bo, and Hazard are some of the games that you can play online without the use of cards. As a matter of fact, if you are looking to play games where you put in minimal effort, these titles  of chance are perfect.

We are letting you into the world of gambling where little-to-no skill is needed, and everything is left to pure to chance. Find the top five games that use dice and are available at the best casino sites online.

Casino Games Use Dice

Top 5 Games that Use Dice

Dice games are popular in casinos as they don’t require much playing effort. They all use the standard dice that has 6 sides and is shaped like a cube. Depending on the game that you are playing, more than one dice will be used.

1.      Sic Bo

At first glance, online sic bo can look intimidating. The popular casino game originates from China and is played using three dice. The table features all the possible dice combinations as well as eth payout odds.

You will have to place your bet on the table before the dealer rolls the dice. The most popular sic bo bets are “big” and “small.”  Also, an electronic dice shaker will be used to ensure all levels of fairness.

2.      Craps

Now, if you are wondering which casino games use dice, it has lots of betting options and is fun. We have just the game for you. Craps! Sure, this game looks a bit challenging, but after mastering all the different bets, you will be ready to play for real money.

Essentially, you will be betting on the outcome of two dice. some of the bests that you can make include

  • Pass Line Bets
  • Don’t Pass Wagers
  • Come Bets
  • Don’t Come Bets
  • Odds Bets
  • Big 6 and Big 8
  • Hardways
  • Field Bets

Many land-based casinos offer the game, also, many casino sites and live casinos offer the gambling option.

3.      Chuck a luck

Chuck-a-luck is a variation of sic bo. It is a simple yet entertaining casino game played using a giant rotating hourglass that has the dice inside. Once you placed your bet, the dealer will spin the hourglass. Similar to sic bo, three dice are used. There are 5 different bets that you can make.

4.      Hazard

Apparently, Craps evolved from Hazard, which dates back from at least 14th century in England. Many describe it as a simpler version of craps. And it is hard to come by at web-based casinos. Hazard plays using 2 dice has a few rules.

Firstly, you have to decide on which player will roll the dice first. This player will be known as the caster, and they will have to roll the dice to pick a main number between 5 and 9. A chance number is also picked between 4 and 10.

The other player will then make bets on whether or not the caster will win or lose. If the same number rolls twice, it is a win. But if the chance rolls before the main, it is a loss.

5.      Banca Francesca

The dice game is comparable to Baccarat but played with dice rather than cards. It is popular in Europe, mostly in Portugal. When translated to English, it can mean “French Bank” (literal meaning that is). Not worry you won’t need to speak Portuguese to play or to win.

The rules are straightforward. There are three betting areas, big, small and ace. You have to place your chips on 1 of 3 parts on the table.  The Big and small bets payout 1 : 1, and aces bet pays out 61 to 1. If you are unsure about your bet, you can change it before the dice is rolled.

Play Casino Games That Use Dice

While most of the dice games cant be found at virtual casinos, we are sure that some land-based casinos still offer these games. We would highly recommend that you try these games if you are looking for alternative games to play.

Some other dice games include Klondike and Simplified Craps. If you do find these games, make sure that you look for bonuses to claim. They will ensure that you can for longer and take the pressure off your bankroll.